Best OnlyFans Cover Photo Ideas

Looking for OnlyFans cover photo ideas? Great!

Your OnlyFans cover photo as well as your profile photo are two elements of your Onlyfans page that potential subscribers can see BEFORE they hit that subscribe button.

You want these photos to “convert” the viewer by them clicking on the subscribe button and that’s why your cover photo is an important part of your page.

onlyfans cover photo ideas

What potential subscribers see before they subscribe to your page

Key points for your OnlyFans cover photo

    1. Capture Your niche: We’re all about finding your niche here at onlyfans guide – use images that showcase your niche/personality and what you have to offer as a content creator.
    2. Use bring and exciting colors: You want to grab attention so use bright, positive, and exciting colors and lighting (unless you’re in the big-tidy goth gf niche!).
    3. Use high-quality images: This is basic stuff, but blurry or low-quality won’t cut it. You want crisp, sharp, and visually appealing.
    4. Always be testing: Try out different cover photos to see if any get you noticeably more subscribers. The fewer people you have clicking on your page, the longer you wanna wait to see if a different photo actually makes a difference.

Why is your onlyfans cover photo so important?

Below are some reasons why your Why OnlyFans Cover Photo is so essential when it comes to getting more followers on social media:

  1. Branding: A cover photo can be used as part of your branding. If you shoot for a consistent image across social media, the same profile photo and cover photos, etc. this will make it easier for potential subscribers to recognize and remember you.
  2. Positive vibes: Most of your subs likely want to feel good and escape from something in their normal/dull life.  If all of your content is upbeat, subs will like this and you can become their “escape” – so to speak.
  3. Content previewIf your page is a paid one. Then potential subs have so far been viewing your content on social media. Your cover photo (as well as your bio) can be like a final preview of the content they can expect to see ONCE they subscribe so anything to build excitement and anticipation for what’s inside your profile helps.
  4. It’s the final step of your sales funnel: The cover photo plays an important role in your funnel, it’s literally the LAST step in a potentially long sales funnel. A potential subscriber is ON YOUR PAGE and this is the last bit of control you have to tip them over the edge and hit that subscribe button RIGHT NOW.

OnlyFans Cover Photo Specifications

Following are the specifications for the OnlyFans Cover Photo:

  1. Sizing: Different from Twitter banners size OnlyFans cover photo dimensions are 1168 x 204. That gives a5.73 aspect ratio. Your cover photo will be resized on desktop and mobile devices automatically so be sure to keep the  main focus of the cover photo right in the center to avoid being cropped on any device.
    onlyfans cover photo specs

    onlyfans cover photo specs

  2. Cannot contain any full nudity: The “Instagram” guidelines apply to your cover (and profile) photos. You can be suggestive & sexy but no full-frontal nudity is allowed.
  3. File type: The photo must be submitted as a JPEG or PNG file.
  4. No watermarks: OnlyFans reserves the right to remove any cover photos which inadvertently contain copyrighted material, advertising messages, or other text that might adversely affect their appearance.
  5. The photo must not be offensive: No profanity, nudity, graphic violence, or other explicit images are strictly prohibited. OnlyFans reserves the right to remove any photos that violate these guidelines. 
  6. The file size: Max file size allowed is 10MB (10 megabytes).

OnlyFans Cover Photo Ideas

  1. Wide Photos: Since the cover photo is a “landscape” style photo you might wanna use poses where you are elongated, like lying down. This type of photo works well:
  2. Stich 3 or more photos into one: Select 3 or 4 of your best teaser photos and make them into one image using the cover photo specifications. Use Canva to make this image, it’s super easy to do.
  3. Use text creatively: You can use canva to add some text to your cover photo. For example, if you’ve got a personal domain like (that for instance redirects to your allmylinks or onlyfans) then maybe include that in your cover photo. It’s good for your brand. 

Bottom Line

Your cover photo is not going to make or break your onlyfans success but it’s not nothing either. It can help convert viewers into subscribers after they click to your page after all your hard work promoting on social media. And finally, it can help with your branding which makes you memorable and unique in a sea of creators.  

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