(Published 21 August 2021)

Turns out the rumors were true…

OnlyFans will soon ban “explicit adult content”.

That means:
  • no masturbating
  • no penetration
  • no explicit content PERIOD.
  • Tame nudes only
OnlyFans for explicit adult content is DONE.

(Full details can be found here)

More importantly, what does this mean for you?

You need to act with SPEED now.

Since the rumors started a few days ago I’ve been researching the best plan of action for you…

Fansly is the best OnlyFans alternative


All the top 1% OnlyFans models have chosen Fansly.

And where the top creators go – fans will follow.

Why Fansly?

✅ No learning curve
Fansly feels and acts just like OF but with a few improvements. Mass PPV, PPV posts,PPV DMs etc are all just like OF.
✅ Fees and chargebacks
Like OF Fansly only takes 20%.
✅ They openly support sex workers
It’s not treated like a “dirty little secret” like with OF.
✅ Tiered subscriptions
They allow creators to offer different tiers, similar to Patreon, rather than a flat fee for all subs.
✅ Great communication
One of the biggest issues with Onlyfans is their slow and vague support messages.


I’ve created a FREE OnlyFans -> Fansly Migration Guide.

It takes all the guesswork out of the confusing migration.

✅ How to move all your content AND subscribers from OnlyFans to Fansly

✅ How you can let your subscribers on OnlyFans know you’re moving to Fansly WITHOUT getting banned

✅ How to download your OnlyFans content and upload it to Fansly

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