How to be successful on OnlyFans – 14 Tips For Success

So you’re wondering how to be successful on OnlyFans?

Then don’t worry, you’re in the right place. 

Follow the principles we outline below and you are practically guaranteed to make it as a successful OnlyFans creator.

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Niche Down

To be successful on OnlyFans you really need to have a niche, a “kink” or “content style”.  

Then this becomes part of your brand & your persona and your online personality.   

Your onlyfans account profile, onlyfans account bio and every aspect of your content – your clothes, props, the way you talk, the way you type, how playful you act –  all should reflect your chosen persona.  

Some of the more popular OnlyFans niches or personas are: 

  • Bratty
  • Pornstar 
  • Innocent/Kawaii/Cute
  • Cosplay 
  • Findom 
  • MILF  
  • Athletic  
  • Yogi  
  • Fitness Babe 
  • College Slut 
  • Dominatrix 
  • Stoner 
  • Squirter 

You can look at successful creators to see how they brand, and how they show their persona, and also where and what they post, for example – on Reddit.  

I point out several onlyfans accounts in 8 different niches in our free ebook on choosing a niche:  

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Learn how to create high quality content


If you want to make money on onlyfans it’s obvious that creating content is going to be key.

First, you need to learn *how* to make content.

Start with some basic equipment: an iPhone, ring light, and a Bluetooth remote control tripod.

onlyfans starter kit

onlyfans starter kit

You almost always want to make high quality content – the big exception is for  “girl-next-door” style content where selfies look more natural than super high-quality content.

What type should you make? That is largely up to you. 

But for sure you are going to need promo content. So getting at least 1 professional photoshoot is never a bad idea to give you a base of promo content. Bring multiple outfits to this shoot.

You need promo content.

But you also need “paid” content. Often (but not always – it’s up to you) paid content is more explicit content, adult content, video content.

If you can practice and get comfortable making a few of these types of videos (if you’re comfortable with explicit content):

  • Solo
  • Solo with toy
  • JOI (google it 😉)

Then this can serve as a base for your PPV content.

If you can get 3-5 good quality videos recorded, you’re well on your way to your first $1,000 month and becoming successful on OnlyFans.

A content repository of 30-50 promo pics & gifs, and 3-5 longer videos to sell is a good starting point to make money on onlyfans.

Eventually, you need to get into a “groove” of making content – this is a personal process.

For example, maybe you shoot a longer video twice a week. From this one video you get:

  • Promo content (pictures & gifs for social media)
  • Teaser content (free short video previews for OnlyFans)
  • Longer video (for selling)

If you get to this point you’ve practically got OnlyFans on lock 😉

If you’re struggling for content ideas then read 44 OnlyFans content ideas.

Use social media to promote Onlyfans

How to get followers on onlyfans

At the end of the day, the answer to “how to be successful on OnlyFans” is getting more OnlyFans subscribers, and getting more traffic to your onlyfans page.  

Traffic = Eyeballs and Eyeballs = Profits.

It’s that simple.

You should think of social media as the “top” of your OnlyFans sales funnel.

onlyfans sales funnel

onlyfans sales funnel

There are 2 main ways to get traffic to your page

  1. Promoting on social media
  2. Shoutouts (on both social media & OnlyFans)

There are so many social media platforms out there it can be hard to know which ones to focus on.

But you should for sure be using MULTIPLE social media platforms to promote your OnlyFans. Pick from:

  • Reddit 
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • Snapchat

Each platform has pros and cons, some are more friendly to OnlyFans creators (Reddit, Twitter), and others you need to be very careful on when promoting OnlyFans (Insta, Tiktok).

We recommend creating social media accounts and trying out each of the above (it kinda depends on your niche too, for example, kawaii stuff does very well on Tiktok while DOM stuff does very well on Twitter) and after a while, you’ll find 1-3 main platforms that you focus on because you’ll notice that you get the most traction on some particular platform(s).

For more in-depth info read how to get followers on OnlyFans.

Use Reddit

How to be successful on OnlyFans using Reddit

If we could recommend just ONE social media platform for how to be successful on OnlyFans in 2022… it’s gotta be Reddit.

  • Reddit has 21 BILLION average screen views per month.
  • Reddit has pre-built communities for your NICHE.
  • Reddit is OnlyFans content creator FRIENDLY (mostly!).
  • Reddit is LOW-COMPETITION because a lot of creators don’t even know how to start a Reddit account.

Reddit is not as difficult as it seems. (Protip for newbies: don’t focus on “Onlyfans promos” subreddits)

There are just 4 steps to getting started on Reddit:

  1. Set-up Reddit Account
  2. Link your onlyfans account in Reddit bio
  3. Find subreddits for your content
  4. Post your content without getting banned…

I break these steps down in detail inside our FREE Reddit guide.

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Use Shoutouts


How to be successful on OnlyFans using Shoutouts

Purchasing a few shoutouts is a good idea when you’re starting out to get your onlyfans account going with some momentum.  

But once you’ve got some followers you can start to use Shoutout For Shoutout (S4S) so you’re not paying for shoutouts every time.  

S4S is when you and other content creators all shout out each other’s page in agreement.  

Try to get shoutouts from models in your niche with as many followers as possible.  

To get this type of shoutout lookout for S4S groups on Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. 

Or just DM other creators directly and set up a S4S group yourself.

Optimize Your OnlyFans Profile

optimise your profile

If we’re talking about how to be successful on OnlyFans then your onlyfans account profile cannot be ignored.

There are 4 very important elements to your onlyfans account profile. They are: 

  1. Your onlyfans profile photo 
  2. Your profile cover photo 
  3. Your profile bio 
  4. Your username 

1) Your Profile Photo

This needs to be on point.

No bathroom selfies. No dark lighting. 

You want a bright and exciting onlyfans profile photo that captures attention. 

You don’t need a professional photographer but it also wouldn’t hurt… Use Apps to edit and enhance your profile picture (there are loads of great free apps on the app stores)

If you’re OnlyFans is posting nudes, show off your best asses in your profile pic (but not full nudity – full nudity is not allowed in profile and cover photos) Try and make your profile photo relevant to your NICHE and STORY we talked about in the introduction. 

2)Your Cover Photo 

Keep in mind the orientation of this photo – its landscape…

W I D E. 

So you need a wide photo. For example, full-body shots of you lying down. 

This type of pose works well:  

cover photo example

Another option is to use a little collage of images to fill up the cover photo. 

cover photo example

You can do this with basic Canva skills (free & easy) OR simply hire someone to do it on Fiverr – just look up graphic design/photoshop jobs, pay $5, and give your photos and they will make you a nice collage like this in less than 24 hours: 

If you want to add text or special offers to your cover photo – again use Canva if you know how or just have someone on Fiverr do it. 

3)Your Bio 

Your onlyfans account bio should CLEARLY state what your profile is about. What type of content do you post. What it is that you’re offering. BUT it should also be fun, playful, personal, and use emojis (if this suits your personality, story, and niche). 

Think about your niche, the personality you want to get across, and your background story.

Need some bio ideas? Then read OnlyFans bio ideas & examples.

4) Your Username

Change your onlyfans profileusername to something memorable, don’t be another ‘u241079’.

Add ‘free’ to the end of your username for your free account. Like ‘@yourusernameFREE’ and your paid page username would be simply ‘@yourusername’.

Try and connect your username to your niche, personality, and story.


Mass Messaging

mass messaging

The mass DM feature lets you send a DM to ALL (or to some) of your subs at once. This feature is great for selling PPV content.

However, you don’t want to spam your subs with locked posts in DMs all the time.

If you do mass DM often try to throw in some free content, or just a friendly text now and then.

It doesn’t have to always be PPV, that gets spammy. Try a cute ass pic saying goodnight or simply messaging “hi, are you up? Xx”.

When to Send

1-2 times a week is a good starting point.

Fridays are always good as that’s when a lot of people get paid.
Obviously how often you send PPV can annoy subscribers, so just pay attention to how your subs react.
8 or 9 PM in the timezone of your subs (e.g. most likely the USA) is a great time to send your subs are probably home from work and chilling.
What to Send & Charge
Photo sets and vids are the best content for PPV.


Do photosets. Sets of 4-8 are a good place to start.

Charge from $5-$25 depending on how high effort the set is.



7 to 15 minutes long is a good place to start.


Use clips too.

You can send a clip and say “if you tip x amount I’ll send you the entire video”. 

$15-$50 is a good range depending on how long and how high effort the video is.

So how to be successful on OnlyFans with mass messaging? Use the feature smartly and don’t be overly spammy.

Add good captions to any PPV videos you send in the DMs.

Retain your Subs


OK, so to answer the question “how to be successful on OnlyFans? we talked about how you need to attract attention to your page, get more followers and subscribers.

That is the most important, fundamental part.

BUT to be really successful on OnlyFans you also need to think about retaining the subscribers that you already have too.

The more subs you retain = the more subscription money you get and the more eyeballs you get on your PPV content.

Here are 3 tips on retaining your subscribers that will make you on OnlyFans success story.

Keep promoting 

A lot of fans come and go. It’s just the nature of the business.  

A large percentage will only sub for a month or two and then leave.  Some come back later, others don’t – this is why you keep promoting.   

Don’t change your price often

For your subs who are on auto-renew, they will just automatically re-sub without having to do anything.  

But, if you change your pricing a message will be auto-sent to all of your subs letting them know of your updated price and they will have to click a button and re-confirm they want to stay subscribed to you at your new price.

Don’t give people this opportunity to un-sub to your onlyfans account.

Do you know the way all great services like Amazon Prime and Netflix offer free trials these days? That’s because they know that a huge chunk of people will simply forget or not be bothered to cancel their subscription.

Rewards Re-bill’s  

Unless you’ve got a huge number of subscribers. You should be going for a personal touch and engaging with your best buyers & tippers. It’s a good idea to reward re-billed with a free photo set or video.

But only send a reward when they actually rebill and not before, there are a lot of scams where people claim their rebill reward and then don’t actually rebill.   

It is your job to get fans to stay subscribed to you for as long as possible because that way you can sell them PPV content for longer.

So every two weeks or so you can send your fans with rebill off a message like this:

“Heyy babe I noticed your rebill is off. I guess it’s because you’re not into my contet? I really put in a lot of effort and make stuff I thought you would love. If you feel you aren’t getting something from me that you want, please lmk and I’ll be sure to make some changes

PS: if you turn rebill on I’m going to send you my naughtiest 5 minute vid which I usually charge $30 for for free. Just hit me up when its done xx.”

To send a message to all your fans with rebill off at once, select all your fans and then just exclude the ones with renew on.

Use the ask a question feature

This feature is just like the feature on Instagram you’re already familiar with.
How it works: 

Where you create a story there’s a ‘question mark’ icon at the top.

You type in your question and position it over a picture on your story.

When subs answer it shows as a notification and you choose to anser via dm or public as a story.

How to use this to your advantage: 

For getting feedback 

Ask what people like & don’t like about your page – you’ll get tonnes of great feedback.

To increase engagement


Here are some ideas to help you along.

We’ll suggest a {picture} type and a question to go with it.

  • {selfie} “Ask Me Anything” (AMA)
  • {2 outfits} Ask which outfit is better  “A” or “B”
  • {bodypart} Do you like my bodypart?
  • {bodypart} Does my {bodypart} look big/small here?
  • {outfit} Do you like my outfit?
  • {outfit} Should I buy this?
  • {outfit} Would you ____ me if I wore this for you?
  • {selfie} Are you a cat or dog lover?
  • {selfie} What’s your favourite position?
  • {selfie} What’s your best joke?


Always be Testing

always be testing

In marketing, you always want to be testing.


Change up your onlyfans profile, PPV captions, PPV previews, mass DM content, when you post content, what type of content you post, DM scripts.

Always test and find out what works.

This is a process of constant improvement.

Looking for caption ideas for your social media and OnlyFans posts? Then use our free caption generator to get your creative juices flowing!

Run Sales Occasionally

Don’t run sales too often as that cheapens your brand.

But when you do run sales always add elements of scarcity or urgency like:

  • “20% off only for the next 10 subscribers” (scarcity)
  • “15% off only for the next 6 hours” (urgency)

Layering in proven sales & marketing tactics like scarcity and urgency is a key part of the equation when it comes to how to be successful on OnlyFans.

Connect with other Content Creators

make friends

DM other content creators on Twitter, Insta, Reddit, & free OnlyFans accounts.

Comment on their promo posts.


 You guys can become friends and support each other, learn from each other,  like and comment on each other’s posts.

You can find access to promo, S4S, and drop groups, and advice groups this way.

It’s good to surround yourself with other people on the same path as you to keep you motivated, engaged, and full of new ideas.

Online groups are a great way to do this.

So when it comes to how to make money on OnlyFans this is an underrated tactic and should not be ignored.

Spend your time on high ROI activities

Spend your time on high ROI activities

Successful people value their time above all else. Even money.

They know that time = money.

And when it comes to how to be successful on OnlyFans you need to make sure that you’re spending your time on the things that actually put money in the bank.

Promoting will always be your highest ROI (Return on Investment) activity.

Promoting means eyeballs and traffic into to the top of your sales funnel.

Content creation & DMs/engagement are the next two highest ROI activities.

Example time split:

  • 40% social media building, marketing, and promotion 
  • 20% creating new content 
  • 15% fan interaction and building relationships 
  • 10% connecting with other content creators and promoting each other 
  • 10% brainstorming new and unique ideas 
  • 5% researching new methods and learning new strategies

Show Up Every Day

consistency is key

Successful OnlyFans content creators are consistent. 

They show up every day. 

They promote their OnlyFans page every day, on multiple platforms. 

They post OnlyFans content every day.

Schedule content.

Dedicate time to clean their DMs.

Reply to Reddit comments.

They show up every day and put in the work.

A lot of new models get attracted to OnlyFans by alluring stories of easy money and new houses.

But the reality is that you HAVE to put in the work, especially in the beginning.

And those who show up every day, for 6+  months in a row, and put in the work…

THEY are the ones who succeed.

never give up

Case study – 100k/month OnlyFans model

case study
You can read the full article here  about the daily routine of an OnlyFans model called Alella who makes $100k/month.

There’s lots of useful info in the article about:

  •  how she structures her day
  •  how she treats OnlyFans as a business
  •  the importance of routine
  •  what platforms to promote on

Summary below:

10:30 am  

“The 1st thing I do every morning is wake up, sit in bed, and check my OF to see how much I earned overnight. I also check Reddit to see how well my posts performed- I have them scheduled to post early in the morning because that’s the best time to post on Reddit”  

✅ First thing every day is checking OnlyFans performance  
✅ Reddit is the first social media platform she checks  

✅ She schedules posts  
✅ She optimizes the time that she posts at  

“I have a spreadsheet that helps me coordinate, but I use Later for Reddit to schedule more than 200 posts that will post automatically over the next three months. I’ll post on r/RealGirls and other subreddits.”

✅ She organized af  
✅ Uses Google Sheets to organize content posting  
✅ Posts to specific subreddits for her niche  

“I also run a Telegram group that currently has 83 other OnlyFans girls in it, where we exchange tips and tricks. We share graphs and spreadsheets with each other to see how we’ve been operating,”  

✅ Reads OnlyFans related contingent for tips & tricks
✅ Seeks insider info
✅ Telegram groups  

11:30 am

“I make coffee and film a short video called “The Naked Morning Coffee Chat,” where I’m either topless or naked and talk to the camera about my thoughts or rant about something that’s been on my mind.”

“I post this a few times a week, and it’s to try and connect better with my subscribers — this is no makeup, hair messy, very relaxed.”  

12:30 pm  

“After my coffee I have some personal time where I’ll watch YouTube videos, respond to people, maybe eat something and check my Twitter  

✅ Shows her life
✅ Makes in feel intimate & real  
✅ Engages in the DMs  


1:30 pm

“I start putting on my makeup in the early afternoon and get ready to shoot content, which takes up the majority of my afternoon.  This process is very lazy, very relaxed. I take a lot of breaks and usually change outfits a handful of times.”  

2:30 pm.  

“Every day I have a personal goal of getting two really good photos and one GIF that I can post online as advertisements on Twitter and Reddit.   In between that, I film a bunch of content for my OnlyFans.”  

✅ Set’s daily goals  

“For everything outside of OnlyFans, content under 30 seconds performs much better. For my OnlyFans, I will post longer stripteases or videos that are more explicit.”  

“2 days a week I’ll film a porno, which means I go to PornHub, sort by “solo girl content,” and look at what’s been popular recently. Then I pick 1/2 and replicate that. If it’s Saturday instead of filming a porno, I’ll Livestream myself playing Askhole with my viewers”   

✅ User the internet for content inspiration

7:00 pm

“I try to film in natural light, so I finish when the sun sets. After I’m done shooting content, I’ll start editing everything on OpenShot.”  

“I’ll edit the porno into two versions: a 30-second video that I post on OnlyFans as a preview, and then a longer version that I’ll direct-message out to my OnlyFans subscribers that night or the next morning.”  

✅ Recycles content in a sensible way  
✅ Posts TEASER content for free to social media  

“Once a week I’ll set aside two hours to research new platforms to consider posting on. For example, a lot of escort sites have gone online-only because of COVID, so I make it clear that I’m not escorting, but I advertise on a couple of those. ”  

✅ Always looking for more platforms to generate more traffic into the top of her sales funnel

“There’s also BDSMLR, which is the alternative to Tumblr because Tumblr banned nudity.  I’ve even posted on some conservative websites, but that hasn’t turned out very well.”  

12:30 a.m.  

“Lights out. I usually double-check my Reddit schedule, queue up all the content I filmed that day, and schedule my Twitter posts before I go to sleep.”

✅ Reddit focus
✅ Twitter focus
✅ Scheduling content daily

Invest In yourself & Your Brand

invest in yourself

This is the BIGGEST mistake we see new OnlyFans creators make…

NOT investing their profits back into themselves, their brand, and their education.

I’ve seen it time and time again. 

A new creator gets to $500 to $1500 a month and spends all of that money on stupid stuff that has no relation to growing their OnlyFans business.

Until you hit really good money (whatever that means to you, whether that’s 2k or 20k) you should be investing a SIGNIFICANT portion of your OnlyFans income back into your OnlyFans business.

ALL successful people know this – you must invest to earn more.

“Invest in what?”  – you might be asking.

  • Better lighting and equipment
  • Props
  • Weekend getaways for content shoots
  • Shoutouts
  • Lingerie/costumes
  • Useful software, that can auto-follow people who subscribe to you (this is the tool I recommend 30% OFF

But most importantly of all – INVEST IN YOUR OWN EDUCATION.

As on OnlyFans content creator, you are in charge of content creation, editing, customer relationship management, sales & marketing for a BUSINESS.

You don’t need to go crazy or sit in a library like a nerd but learning the most important sales & marketing stuff will make you one step ahead of the crowd in what has become a very competitive OnlyFans market.

And I promise you that 6 FIGURE OnlyFans is THE BEST all-in-one, A-Z, BIBLE of OnlyFans.

If you only invest in one book or course for your education 6 FIGURE OnlyFans is the ONLY way to go.

6 figure OnlyFans - the bible of OnlyFans
It covers everything you need to know to be successful on OnlyFans:

✅ Little-known fan psychology that turns $5 fans into $500 fans 

✅ The profile ‘tricks’ that all Top 1% models follow  

✅ Why certain pricing mistakes you make are destroying your fanbase 

✅ How to pump out 100’s of pieces of content without crashing  

✅ Common social media ‘hacks’ that are killing your content 

✅ Copy and paste the exact messages that have generated (a top 0.1% model) $500k+

✅ Swipe her personal sub CRM (customer relationship management) Template

Here’s a quick snapshot of what others have to say about 6 Figure OnlyFans:

6 figure OnlyFans review

6 figure OnlyFans review

6 figure OnlyFans review

So if you’re serious about being a SUCCESSFUL OnlyFans content creator…

Take ACTION today.

Invest the price of a takeaway meal into your own SUCCESS 💰💰💰.

Frequently Asked Questions

The key to getting more OnlyFans followers and subscribers is getting more traffic to your page. Traffic = Eyeballs and Eyeballs = Profits. To get more traffic to your page promote your page on multiple social media platforms and leverage shoutouts (either/or paid shouts or S4S Shoutout for Shoutout)

The average OnlyFans user makes $180/month.

Yes you can be successful on OnlyFans even if you don’t have a following when starting out. It just means that the first few months with be slower in comparison. You need to have realistic expectations and put in the work every day for those first few months when starting with no followers.

You do not need to show your face to make money on OnlyFans. There are MANY successful models who make a lot of money without showing their face. You should study these models to see how it is that they are successful even without showing their face. You will see some common themes and niches (fit/athletic/Arab/big ass/big breasts – these niches tend to do well faceless) if you examine successful faceless creators.

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