How to get followers on onlyfans

The key to getting more OnlyFans followers and subscribers is getting more traffic to your page.

Traffic = Eyeballs and Eyeballs = Profits.

So, how do you get traffic to your OnlyFans page?

There are a HUGE number of potential platforms to promote your OnlyFans page to but some are better than others, and some will be more suited to your type of content and content niche.

If you don’t know what niche you’re in…or what a niche ischeck out my free book on picking a niche.

Let’s look at all the best social media platforms, methods & strategies for promoting your OnlyFans page.


How to get followers on OnlyFans using Social Media

The first rule of promoting your OnlyFans on social media is: don’t post your OnlyFans link in your bio, tweets, etc.

Almost all social media platforms (and especially Instagram) recognize when you link to OnlyFans and since they don’t want you linking to OnlyFans they “shadow ban” you and reduce the amount of visibility you get from hashtags and stories.

Instead, in your bio, post a link to an or page and list ALL your socials inside there including your OnlyFans account(s).

A page with OnlyFans links right at the top

Linktree link will let you create a page that looks like the above, which contains links to all your socials. 

Social media is the best way to get eyeballs which results in fans, followers, subscribers to your OnlyFans.

If you don’t want your OnlyFans associated with your ‘real-life’ social media then we suggest you start new social media accounts & create a new online identity.

Or just skip social media promotion completely if you’re trying to remain 100% anonymous.

If you’re not OK with showing your face on OnlyFans or social media then learn about how to promote OnlyFans without showing your face.

You can succeed without social media promotion but it’s going to be much harder than if you use social media.

Reddit and Twitter are two of the best social media platforms to promote your OnlyFans.

Instagram is becoming increasingly more hostile to OnlyFans models but you can still get more subscribers from IG – you just need to be careful (more details in the Instagram section).

Twitter and Instagram both have hashtags which are what you should use to promote your content on those platforms.

The hashtag promotion method is a little flooded so you need to be pretty smart to succeed with it. The key is hashtag research and hashtag selection.

You need to find the current, relevant, and popular hashtags related to your niche and tag your posts with those hashtags.

You want to use a mixture of hashtags. 

Some very popular hashtags in your niche, some less popular hashtags in your niche and some straight-up popular hashtags not even in your niche.

For a more detailed look at Hashtag promotion check out our ultimate guide.

One key takeaway is that Instagram ‘blacklists’ certain hashtags.

This makes it IMPOSSIBLE for people to find content on these ‘blacklisted’ hashtags.

Instagram will blacklist hashtags with keywords related to nudity, OnlyFans, sexually explicit content and also illegal substances, racial issues, etc.

So never use these kinds of hashtags on Instagram.

Reddit (how to promote OnlyFans)

How to get more followers on OnlyFans with Reddit.

Reddit is an amazing platform that has ‘subreddits’.

Subreddits are different communities of Reddit users for just about everything including your content niche.

The overall strategy to promote your OnlyFans on Reddit is:

1. Find popular subreddits in your niche

2. Post (mostly teaser) content there 

3. Link your OnlyFans in your Reddit profile

Keep in mind that while Reddit can be a goldmine it can also be a tough nut to crack.

Rules vary from subreddit to subreddit and you need to play by the rules to avoid getting banned.

In general, you want your account to look ‘real’ and not like an account that’s used solely for advertising.

Reddit users are very sensitive about being sold to… you can’t come across as ‘pushy’ or ‘sales-y’ on Reddit and expect to have any success.

You can’t spam your OnlyFans link everywhere.

Reddit users need to feel like they ‘found’ your OnlyFans ‘naturally’ without being pushed there.

Oh, and if you’re planning on now showing your face then Reddit is the best social media platform for that too.

It’s exactly because Reddit is such a goldmine but almost no models know who to promote there… that I put together a FREE guide on the Reddit fundamentals you need to know ⬇️


Reddit OnlyFans Promotion Subreddits

Reddit has some subreddits dedicated to promoting OnlyFans accounts so you should post your link directly as well as teaser content there.

Here are some Not Safe For Work (NSFW) subreddits you should post to if you do nude/lewd content:

(Promotion subreddits, like promo threads on Twitter, are mostly full of sellers and not buyers – but you can gain some subs from these subreddits as there are some genuine buyers there too)

Twitter (how to promote OnlyFans)

Twitter is pretty friendly to adult content and to OnlyFans links.

You can safely link your OnlyFans in your bio.

You will not be banned or shadow-banned.

You can also safely use OnlyFans related hashtags on Twitter

(we recommend using a maximum of 3 hashtags per post, however).

Here are some popular OnlyFans related hashtags you can use on Twitter:

#onlyfans #onlyfansspotlight #onlyfansgirl #onlyfansbabe #Onlyfans #onlyfansmodel #OnlyFansPromo #Onlyfansnewby #onlyfansgirl #onlyfanspages #onlyfanscreator #egirl #sellingcontent #onlyfansgirls

You can copy & paste them anytime from this link

How to get more OnlyFans followers from Twitter

To grow your OnlyFans following via Twitter you generally want to be active and posting content regularly on there.

Engage with your followers – reply to comments and DM’s.

Post polls and invite engagement with your posts by asking questions.

You should network with other OnlyFans models on Twitter too.

Networking with other models will help you find other models who can help you to grow your OnlyFans.

They can invite you into Twitter RT (retweet) groups, Telegram groups, and shoutout groups.

You should look for, and participate in, engagement threads like the example below ⬇️

An OnlyFans promo thread on Twitter

The Twitter Steal Method

This is a lesser-known more ‘secret’ (and controversial…) method but one which can work great.

Think of the other methods discussed so far as a sort of ‘shotgun’ approach.

Well, then this method is a ‘sniper’ method.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You find popular OnlyFans content creators in your niche.
  2. Find their Twitter account.
  3. Look at their Twitter followers.
  4. You follow and/or DM some of their Twitter followers and eventually share your OnlyFans page link with them – if they’re interested. 

Some people (including OnlyFans models) think this method is not moral, so use only a little and at your own risk.

For more Twitter tips & tricks – grab 6 Figure OnlyFans.


Instagram – how to get onlyfans subscribers

Unfortunately, Instagram is not very friendly when it comes to OnlyFan models.

Instagram can still work for you but you need to be very careful to avoid being banned or shadow-banned.

The three main rules to follow on Instagram:

  1. Never link to OnlyFans
  2. Keep photos mild
  3. Never mention “OnlyFans” anywhere

Never link to OnlyFans

Instagram is not very friendly when it comes to OnlyFans models. In 2020 Instagram became even more strict when it comes to OnlyFans promotion. 

Any form of pushing traffic towards 18+ sites (that includes OnlyFans) is a violation of Instagram community guidelines as of 12-20-2020.

That means that even having OnlyFans in your linktree/allmylinks might get you banned or shadow-banned in 2021.

To work around these new restrictions: 

  1. Have linktree/allmylink in your Insta bio
  2. DO NOT link your OnlyFans in there
  3. Do have a link to your Twitter
  4. In your Twitter bio link your OnlyFans

Keep photos mild

Instagram does NOT allow full frontal nudity on your account. 

All content must be considered SFW (safe for work).

Instagram is not very clear about these rules and is often inconsistent – allowing big celebrities to post content they might ban you for.

So it’s wise to err on the side of caution.

You WILL get in trouble if you show private parts… so keep your content sexually suggestive at most. 

Keep your captions and descriptions sexually suggestive and not explicit either.  

Never mention “OnlyFans” anywhere

In hashtags, comments and captions NEVER use the word “onlyfans”. 

Instagram WILL flag your account if you mention OnlyFans.

Lastly, remember to ALWAYS engage with your followers if they comment and like your content.  

Even if it’s just liking their comment, a quick reply of

“thank youuu 😘”

is much better though.

How to grow a brand new Instagram account

If you’re starting a new Instagram account to promote your OnlyFans but don’t know how to get your first few hundred followers, we’ve got you covered.

The easiest way to kickstart an Instagram account is to use the ‘follow/unfollow’ method.

First, find a smaller page, say 1-10k followers, in your niche.

Next, find a post of theirs that has a few hundred likes and lots of comments and start following people who liked or commented on that post.

Some of these people will follow you back. A 30-50% follow back ratio is possible if your profile picture if good (bright and exciting) and your Insta page is ‘hawt’.

(Do not follow or unfollow too many people in a single day. When starting stick to 30 follows a day and then 50 the next day and gradually ramp up to 100 follows a day. If you follow or unfollow too many times in a day (or hour) Insta or Twitter will flag your account as suspicious.)

This is a cool hack to get engaged followers. And engagement is what Instagram is all about.

If you have 10,000 followers but only 100 people like your posts – Instagram (and potential subs) will suspect that something fishy is going on.

You need to continuously unfollow people as you grow, little by little, it’s tough work but it will be worth it in the end.

Remember that ultimately likes and engagement is what you should be aiming for, not follower count.

If your posts are getting tonnes of likes and a decent amount of comments, this is what will give you a chance of hitting the Explore Page.

That’s the ultimate goal because if you do hit the Explore Page your account has a decent chance of blowing up.

Getting Instagram followers and engagement is the hard part – the rest is easy. 

Post ‘risqué’ content, but not content that will get you banned, no explicit content


  • Don’t put your OnlyFans link in your bio or comments.
  • Use allmylinks/linktree in your bio.
  • (As of 2021) Don’t put your OnlyFans in the linktree you use in your Insta bio. If you want to be super safe about being shadow-banned

Example of a linktree link in an Instagram bio

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TikTok – how to get onlyfans subscribers

TikTok is like Instagram – not very friendly to OnlyFans models or adult content


You can still use it to get more OnlyFans subscribers.


Unlike Insta you can safely put a linkree/allmylinks with OnlyFans inside in your bio.

Like Insta – TikTok does not like ANY mention or abbreviation of OnlyFans.

Like Insta – you want to keep your content tame and sexually suggestive at most.

How to get OnlyFans subscribers using TikTok?

Keep it PG 13 so that you don’t get banned 😉 

How to get OnlyFans subscribers from TikTok

You should follow popular TikTokers to see what’s trending and popular and post that type of content.

Certain content is always popular on TikTok like:

  • dancing videos
  • lip-synching videos 
  • any trending ‘challenges’

You can use hashtags on TikTok too.

2 popular TikTok hashtags with OnlyFans models are #sw and #fansonly.

On TikTok, your videos get promoted based on how long people watch before scrolling. 

If people stay for the first 3 seconds that’s not great. 

First 5 seconds are better. 

7-10 Seconds is good.

Think about that when you are making videos.

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OnlyFans Shoutouts – how to get followers on OnlyFans 

One of the best ways to promote your OnlyFans page is to promote it on the OnlyFans platform directly with shoutouts.

A shoutout is when another content creator makes a post letting their followers know about YOUR page so that their audience can check you out and maybe subscribe if they like what they see.

Promoting with shoutouts on OnlyFans is great because there is already an existing audience who are WILLING TO PAY for content on there.

How to get more OnlyFans subscribers? Promote your page to an audience you know is willing to pay.

This method is basically the same as ads on Facebook:

Your potential customer is scrolling through a feed and then BOOM – they see an ‘ad’ for something they might want to buy… YOUR CONTENT!

facebook ad vs onlyfans

On the left: A paid Facebook ad (paid to Facebook) On the right: A paid OnlyFans “ad” /shoutout (paid directly to a model)

If you get shoutouts from content creators in YOUR niche then some of their fans are likely to subscribe to your pages since your content is similar.

Purchasing a few shoutouts is a good idea when you’re starting out to get your profile going with some momentum.

Once you have some followers you can start to use Shoutout For Shoutout (S4S) so you’re not paying for shoutouts anymore.

S4S is when you and other content creators all shoutout each other’s page in an agreement.

How to get OnlyFans subscribers?

Get shoutouts from models in your niche with as many followers as possible.

To get this type of shoutout lookout for S4S groups on Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit.

You can look for s4s opportunities and collaborations in this popular subreddit.

Shoutouts on Insta / Twitter / TikTok 

Getting paid shoutouts from popular Instagram, Twitter or TikTok accounts is a GREAT way to get OnlyFans subscribers FAST.

For example: if you purchase a paid Instagram story, which lasts for 24 hours, with a link to your OnlyFans page from an Instagram influencer in your niche with an audience of over 1 MILLION followers…

You can get massive attention to your OnlyFans page from an interested audience who are likely to subscribe to your page.

It’s possible to get hundreds, even thousands, of interested followers in a matter of hours.

You can browse influencers and purchase shoutouts using this awesome tool called 

It’s not even very expensive.

At Total Influence, we regularly buy Instagram stories to promote our new account clients for between $30-$70 from accounts with hundreds of thousands of engaged followers.

Before purchasing a shoutout through ShoutCart you should check the page’s engagement (how many people are liking and interacting with their content) yourself by checking out their page on whatever platform they’re using (Insta/TikTok ect.)

Browse lots of influencers on Shoutcart, use the filters to help narrow your search, then pick a few that best match your niche.

You can filter influencers by category, audience size, follower demographics, or simply search by keyword. 

It’s a really great tool to gain lots of OnlyFans followers FAST.

For more info on using shoutouts to grow your OnlyFans – grab Viral Traffic.


Kik – how to get OnlyFans subscribers

How to get more followers on OnlyFans by using a messenger app called Kik.

Kik is a social media messenger app that has been running for a couple of years now. It has grown to millions of users around the world.

The key to gaining new OnlyFans followers using KIK is to search groups of people who are geographically nearby.

Simply search topics, cities, or interests that your target audience likes. This will give you endless groups of 20-100 people to communicate with. 

How to find Kik Groups:

  1. Use the the “Explore Public Groups” button
  2. Search for topics/interests your potential audience might be interested in
  3. Click “Join Group”


Let’s say you’re a fitness bunny, so search for “fitness”.

There will be tens/hundreds of fitness groups – just tap on one that comes up from your search and join.

Live streaming / broadcasting apps

How can you get followers on OnlyFans by using streaming apps like Twitch?

Live broadcasting apps like Liveme, Twitch, and Periscope are more great places to promote your OnlyFans page.

If you want a mobile app checkout Cake(android) or Coconut(iPhone), they are basically the same app. 

Be warned in advance that you WILL encounter a LOT of trolls on these apps, especially Periscope.

You can also expect to get banned on periscope, they have pretty much no moderation at all now, so trolls report models just to get them banned a lot.

But that’s alright you need to have thick skin in this game after all.

Promote your OnlyFans until you get banned, then make a new account, rinse and repeat this process as many times as you need.

Protip: You can sign up to Periscope with Twitter and you can create multiple Twitter accounts with one email.

Click here to learn how to make multiple twitters with the same email.

Twitch hack

Do you or can you play video games? Then this Twitch hack is a good method to try out.

Since all of the popular video games have a HUGE amount of girls and guys already playing them and competing for views they are too competitive for a newbie like you.

What you should do is find an older, smaller, less popular game and stream yourself playing that.

With a lesser-known ‘niche’ game, you’ll have less competition and you should aim to get 10-100 people watching your stream.

Again, like Instagram, just put your allmylinks/linktree in your bio, don’t push it too hard.

And of course, you need to be streaming YOURSELF from a good webcam, as well as the stream of the actual game playing.

Twitch is an interesting platform. If all of this is new to you then you might want to check out the top 20 girl gamers on Twitch to introduce yourself to the topic.

You don’t HAVE to stream video games although that is what the platform is for, so like already mentioned expect to get banned if you’re streaming other things, but you can simply make new accounts.

For more info on using Live Streaming apps to grow your OnlyFans – grab Viral Traffic ⬇️


promoting OnlyFans on Omegle

Omegle Chat

How to get OnlyFans subscribers by using Omegle Chat.

This free chatting and webcam app allows you to connect with strangers around the world.

You can either just chat or, we recommend, video chat with strangers.

When you use Omegle, they pick someone else at random and let you talk one-on-one with them.

You can even target your audience using the search function on the Omegle website. 

Engage with people in the chat and get them to follow you on your social or OnlyFans.

Adult Webcam sites – how to get OnlyFans subscribers

If you’re comfortable getting on cam on an adult webcam site then get yourself a decent webcam and hop-on to Chaturbate or Myfreecams (MFC) and promote your OnlyFans on there.

Do something interesting or exciting to build attention on your room and then try and promote your OnlyFans in the main chat or move people from DM’s over to your OnlyFans to see more of your content.

When it comes to picking the right cam site Chaturbate is the more “sexual” of the two and also allows couples to stream.

Chaturbate and MFC both have a 50%+ payout percentage and high levels of traffic.

For more info on the best Adult Webcam sites for growing your OnlyFans – grab Viral Traffic



Be aware that using your laptop’s built-in webcam will not be good enough quality for these streaming sites.

You need a good quality external webcam.

The Logitech C920 is used and highly recommended by the majority of camgirls.

The other thing to consider when starting camming is that lighting is super important.

A good external cam is enough to get started but if you want to take it to the next level then you need to consider lighting & maybe some props.

Finally, with camming, you always have to consider that you CAN be recorded and material from your stream could be uploaded to various places online.

Of course, this will increase the risk of your ‘real-life’ acquaintances discovering you online, so be aware.

Dating Apps 

How to get more followers on OnlyFans by using Dating Apps like Tinder.

Dating apps can be a great way to promote your OnlyFans.

Here’s one way you can use Tinder to promote your page:

  • Make a new Tinder Profile
  • DON’T put your OnlyFans link in your bio
  • Adjust the age range to also show older guys (older guys spend more money)
  • Only match with people you think you might be able to move to OnlyFans
  • After a few messages let them know they can talk to you over at OnlyFans

You can use Tinder/dating apps to generate OnlyFans leads while you sleep.

You can use a similar approach on SeekingArrangement and other dating apps:

  • Clover
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Hily
  • Hinge
  • OkCupid
  • Xwoo
  • Match
  • Hoop
❗Remember don’t put your OF link in your Tinder bio. You’ll get banned FAST❗

Telegram Groups

How to get OnlyFans subscribers by networking on Telegram.

There are groups of OnlyFans content creators who all help each other to promote each other’s content and page.

There are two types of groups:

  1. SFS Groups (Shoutout for Shoutout)
  2. Drop / Networking Groups

Typically groups have a minimum follower amount you need to satisfy to join, verified by screenshot.

It’s important to find a group that suits your activity level and your follower count or you risk being kicked out.

By promoting each other with ‘S4S’ or ‘drops’  everyone in the group gets more exposure to their own page by helping each other out.

Most people don’t publicly post links to their telegram groups because they want to keep them members only and only allow in new members who satisfy their group requirements (follower count, activity level, content niche, etc.)

Usually, these groups can be can actually be quite elitist.

Networking with other performers on social media is the best best way currently to find Telegram groups.

Message people on Twitter, Insta, OnlyFans, etc. and ask if they are in any groups.

For more info on using Telegram and Telegram groups to grow your OnlyFans – grab Viral Traffic.


Work with an agency

How to get OnlyFans subscribers by working with an agency.

Since OnlyFans has grown in popularity the number or marketing agencies offering OnlyFans promotional services have also increased.

Agencies usually have two operating models:

  1. Flat fee model: You pay the agency a flat fee per month or per specific task
  2. Percentage model: Some agencies operate by taking a percentage off your earnings. This way the agency is also invested heavily in growing your page as it directly affects their income rather than them just completing a task for a flat fee.

Both models have positives and negatives and which model is better for you may depend on your specific situation.

For example: if you’ve got great content, and enjoy producing it but hate online marketing, sales funnels, growing social media with tactics and strategies and so on – then it might be worth looking into having an agency take care of growing your page for a percentage of your earnings that you’re comfortable with. 

That way you focus on content and the agency takes care of marketing and promotion.

However, maybe you’re more tech-savvy and enjoy learning all about digital marketing and various social media platforms.

If that’s the case maybe you CAN do everything yourself: content creation, editing, promotion, marketing, sales, funnel optimization, etc. but of course that’s not easy.

There are still probably some flat fee services you should look into using.

Paying a flat fee to someone to grow your social media, or promote you a particular platform or get you paid shoutouts, etc. are all worth looking into and can accelerate your growth massively.

how to get followers on onlyfans by commenting your link

You should not SPAM your OnlyFans link EVERYWHERE but you should comment it in places where it has a chance to get some actual eyeballs to your page.

So comment your link on youtube OnlyFans videos, and also on popular OnlyFans girls/guys on Instagram and so on.

You have to get creative with this method and comment your link intelligently and in strategic locations.

Just spamming it everywhere that allows it won’t actually gain you any followers, be more strategic. 

Your Content

Of course the type & quality of the content that you post on social media will also affect how many OnlyFans subscribers you can attract.

Generally, you want to post high-quality but non-nude, teaser, non-explicit content on social media.

You want to leave something off the table, to make it so that someone has to pay for your OnlyFans to see your best or most explicit content.

Only Twitter and Reddit allow you to post sexually explicit and full frontal nudity.

But we don’t recommend doing that.

We recommend only posting (high-quality) teasing content on social media, even on Reddit and Twitter

We recommend you structure an OnlyFans sales funnel.

At the top, you post teasing content on social media, your free content on a free OnlyFans page can be a little more suggestive.

And then your more exclusive or explicit content as PPV content on a free OnlyFans page and as content for your paid page.

Teasing Content:

  • high quality
  • sexually suggestive
  • pictures and videos
  • good description text
  • non-nude
  • ‘naughty’

Teasing PLUS Content:

  • this type of content might be not allowed on Insta for being too sexual
  • blurred out
  • Emoji coverage
  • sexually explicit descriptions
  • sexually explicit material with blurred out / emoji covered bits

When it comes to creating content, keeping your content fresh and exciting, lighting, angles, poses, and all that technical stuff – check out this article on what to post on onlyfans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like we said at the beginning of this article – The key to getting more OnlyFans followers is getting more traffic to your page. Traffic = Eyeballs and Eyeballs = Profits. To get more traffic to your page you should 1) promote on multiple social media sites consistently. And 2) Engage in shoutouts both on social media and on OnlyFans.

You can promote your OnlyFans all of the large social media sites. Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok. NOTE: each social media has different rules and some are fine with OnlyFans promotion and others will ban you for MENTIONING OnlyFans. Other sources of traffic include adult cam sites and adult tube sites.

You can get OnlyFans followers from Instagram by placing a linktree, or allmylinks link in your bio. In the link tool, you can link to your OnlyFans. Post content that is within the Instagram rules regularly and a % of traffic to your Instagram page will checkout your OnlyFasn via your bio link.

It depends on how much money you make from subscriptions and also how much you earn from Pay Per View content. If you were starting with say 5,000 followers on social media converting 3% of them to paying subscribers would be a good conversion rate. At a fairly cheap $4.99 subscription price this would net $750/month in subscriptions. However, smart creators earn only 20% or less of their total via subscriptions. The real money is in PPV content. So this creator could expect to earn around $3750 with subscriptions and PPV content.

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