How To Get Started On OnlyFans

To get started on OnlyFans obviously the very first step is to create your account.

OnlyFans will take you through a verification process to verify your identity.

Verification requires an up-to-date government-issued photo ID document (preferably passport).

Once your account has been created and verified, people will be able to subscribe to your page, you can start posting content and set your subscription price and other profile settings.

Before you jump in

Just have a think and/or re-confirm what you’re OK with putting online. Any pics or videos you put online could potentially be leaked – that’s always a possibility with anything you put online.

So just think about things like will you show your face or not? Will you link your real life social media? What type of content will you post? 

The type of content you post is called your ‘niche’ – you can checkout our free ebook for OnlyFans newbies about how to select a niche.

And finally, if you start to see cash rolling in don’t spend all of it immediately. Save 30-50% for taxes. Your taxes probably won’t actually be that high but it’s best to be safe.

Setting your subscription price

The first thing to set is your subscription price. You can do this in the settings menu.

You have to choose whether this will be a free or paid account. 

There is one crucial difference between free and paid accounts.

Having a free account enables you to add a price for posts on your page that your followers can pay in order to unlock and view the content. These are called Pay Per View (PPV) posts and you can only use this feature on free accounts.

Whether your page is free or not and how much you charge for subscriptions should depend on your larger, overall OnlyFans plan for success.

Basic profile Settings


You need to update your username and display name. Nobody wants to subscribe to ‘u407195’.

You can set your user and display name in the Settings menu:


An OnlyFans bio is a short text description that appears just below your name.

In your OnlyFans bio, you have 160 characters to add a description of your OnlyFans page to help your potential subscriber understand what your page and content is all about, and entice them to subscribe.

For more details on a good bio and OnlyFans bio ideas read this guide.

Hide follower count

If you’re just starting out you should hide your follower count. Nobody wants to subscribe to someone with 3 followers.

You can access this setting in Settings -> Security -> Show fans count on your profile.

Welcome Message

Your welcome message automatically gets sent to each new subscriber you gain. Use it wisely.

You can access this feature via settings: Settings -> Chats -> Welcome message for new fans

Subscription bundles

If this is a paid page you should set up subscription bundles to make it easy for people who want to subscribe, to subscribe.

You can offer 3, 6 and 12 months subscriptions at a reduced price for those loyal fans who want this kind of offer.

This is how you set up subscription bundles:

Via the  settings menu, go to ‘Promotions’


You can also set standard discounts, or discounts for a limited amount of time via the promotions menu inside settings.

You might want to offer discounts for a limited amount of time to encourage prospective fans to subscribe.

Block counties

If you’re concerned about privacy in certain countries you can block everyone from those countries from being able to view your page. For example, if you’re from the UK you might not want anyone from the UK to be able to see your page.

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Profile Optimisation

There are 4 important elements in your profile that you need to optimize.

These are:

  1. Profile photo
  2. Cover photo
  3. Bio
  4. Username

Your profile photo

This needs to be on point. No bathroom selfies and no dark lighting.

You want a bright and exciting profile photo that captures your attention.

Don’t be afraid to use apps to edit and enhance your profile photo because it’s so important

Your Cover photo

Like your profile photo, this needs to be on point.

Keep in mind the orientation of the photo – it’s landscape so your cover photo should fit that profile – just like a Facebook cover photo!

Your Bio

Your bio should clearly state what your profile is about. What type of content you post. What it is that you’re offering.

But it should also be fun, playful, and personal. We recommend using emojis.

Your Username

Pick a good username. If it related to you and your style of content even better. Try to have a unique and memorable username.


How to gain profile likes quickly


Having a lot of likes on your profile is really important because no one wants to subscribe to a profile with 12 likes.

Humans naturally follow what is already popular – this is called social proof.

Add the following text (or similar) to your welcome message:

“Thank you for joining my page babe! Like all my posts and DM saying done for a free uncovered pic! ”

Another example:

“Thank you for joining my OnlyFans! I’m so happy to have you on board. Please click/tap the heart under posts that you like. Then I’ll know what to post more of in the future! Tips under posts help with that, too. Thank you! “

When you get the DM’s saying ‘done’ you can check they actually liked your posts and then send the pic/video as a reward.

This way you’re getting likes on your profile for free. 


Create a pinned post where you promise a reward in exchange for liking all of your posts or a certain number of them.

This reward could be a bonus video or picture you haven’t posted yet.

Between your welcome message and pinned post, you should start to gain profile likes very quickly once you start to promote your account.

You are not able to hide your profile likes count. (but you can hide fan and media count in Settings -> Privacy)

you cannot hide your profile likes count


Next Steps

We’ve just covered the basics of how to get started on OnlyFans. 

Once you’ve got your profile set up you should think about

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