how to promote onlyfans on reddit

In 2021 Reddit is THE best platform for growing your OnlyFans.

But how exactly do you promote your OnlyFans on Reddit?

What content should your post to Reddit?  

Where should you post your links? 

Let’s answer all of your OnlyFans & Reddit questions.

Follow our simple 3 step process outlined below and you’ll understand the correct way to promote tour OnlyFans on Reddit without getting banned.


Account set-up and gaining karma

If you’ve never used Reddit before watch this two-minute video to get the basics down.

There are only three terms you need to understand to “get” Reddit for OnlyFans.



Reddit is made up of many small communities called subreddits. Subreddits are usually referred to like this: “r/ name of subreddit,” so would be called r/gonewild.

Upvote & Downvote

Reddit works on a voting system in which users can either vote up or down on posts and comments. Content with a larger sum of upvotes minus downvotes will show up higher on the page.  Votes are submitted with the grey arrows to the left of the post. Between the arrows is a number, which is the sum of upvotes minus downvotes.  



 Karma is the sum of upvotes minus downvotes.  There are two kinds of Karma: comment karma and link karma. Comment karma is gained from users upvoting and downvoting comments, and link karma is gained when users vote on link posts.  Posts that are text-only (Self-posts) receive no karma. 


OK now that we’ve got the basics down let’s look at how to use Reddit to explode your OnlyFans subs.


It’s a simple 3 step process:

1️⃣ Set-up Reddit Account (the correct way)

2️⃣ Find subreddits for your content

3️⃣ Post your content without getting banned…


About numbers 2 and 3…

 Some subreddits require a minimum amount of karma for you to be able to post there.

We’ll explain how to get that karma in just a second…

But first…

Setting up your Reddit account correctly


Sign up for an account using the Reddit website or app.

After you’ve done that, choose a profile pic and banner for your profile page.

Reddit is very adult content-friendly, so these can both be as explicit as you’d like. 

Similar to Twitter, you can also put your OnlyFans link directly in your bio. 

It’s a good idea to do that.

 Create one or two posts directly on your page, on Reddit you can post to your own profile, with a bit about you and a direct promo of your OnlyFans. 



how to pin a post on reddit

how to pin a post on reddit


Now, let’s get your Karma up so you can post to ANY subreddit


Most subreddits require your Reddit account to be a few days old AND you need a minimum of around 100 karma points.

“Karma” is a score associated with your profile. 

 It just means how many people have “upvoted” your content (minus “downvotes”).

Getting karma is EASY.

This is the best way to get 100 karma points in under 24 hours.

  1. Go to r/freekarma4u
  2. Start posting
  3. Post funny/cute memes or pictures
  4. Comment and upvote other people’s posts and comments

Click on your Reddit profile to see your karma score.


You should now:

✅Understand the basics of Reddit

✅ Have your Reddit account set up to promo your OnlyFans

✅ Understand how to get 100 Karma points



You’re 1/3 of the way to Reddit understand how to promote OnlyFans on Reddit 


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Finding subreddits for your niche

Next, you need to understand how to find the best subreddits for your niche or content

 You might be asking “what is a niche”?

A niche is the main category for your type of content:

  • BBW
  • Amateur
  • Cute
  • Asian
  • Dom
  • Etc.

It’s also an audience you can target.

If you’re newer to OnlyFans or just don’t understand how to select a profitable niche yet then consider getting our free ebook OnlyFans – Finding a Niche and Estbalishing Boundaries

On Reddit, you can target people interested in ANY niche – like domination, feet pics, or chubby Asians…

Just by finding the right subreddits.


 You should have one MAIN niche.

And you can have many more sub-niches that you can promote to based on things like:

  • Your skin color (black, white, etc)
  • Your body type (petite, BBW, curvy, etc)
  • Your ethnicity (Asian, Latina, Arab)

 And loads MORE based on individual body parts:

  • Your Hair color (red, brown, etc.)
  • Your Boobs (big, small, tiny, etc.)
  • Your tummy (Tight, big, etc.)

There is a niche for almost everything.


Why is this so important?



You should write down your main niche and all the sub-niches you might fit into…

Based on your body type, ethnicity, skin color, and individual body parts.




Method 1️⃣

Find good content creators in the niche and check where they post on Reddit 

You need or find, or know, a few popular content creators in the niche and then find their Reddit account.

Don’t know any successful creators in that niche?

 No problem – just head to a popular subreddit for that niche, use “Method 2” below if you don’t know the popular subreddits,  and look at the creators of the most popular posts on that subreddit.


Once you have their Reddit account – check out what subreddits they post to most often by looking at their posting activity on Reddit.


OR just plug their username into and it will AUTOMATICALLY tell you where that user posts the most to.


You can also use:

 These will also give you a list of where a Reddit user posts the most.


Method 2️⃣: 

Head to redditlist and use the search function, categories tab, or manually search through the lists 

You can search for a niche using the search function on redditlist.

Click here to visit redditlist.

You can also use the redditlist NSFW categories list to filter for subreddits in those categories.

Or you can just browse through the most popular and trending NSFW lists to see what’s hot right now.

 Now that you know how to find the best subreddits – it’s nearly time to start posting content

 But before you do – you should understand:

  1. That every subreddit has different rules you HAVE to follow
  2. How to sell on Reddit (hint: you can’t spam your link)


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How to sell on Reddit

 The first rule of selling on Reddit is:


You won’t do any selling if you cant post content.

You need to make sure you follow each subreddit’s rules.  

 You can find a subreddit’s rules on mobile or using the Reddit app by flipping to the subreddit “About” section (at the top of the screen).

If you don’t find the rules there then look for a pinned post containing the rules.

 Sometimes you can’t see all the rules on the mobile app so check on a desktop if you can’t find them on mobile.

On a desktop, you’ll find them on the right-hand side of the subreddit’s main page.

Every subreddit has different rules and different moderators

 Some general tips to avoid breaking rules:

  • Link directly to your image/video(host it on Reddit directly or Imgur or another image hosting website)
  • Don’t repost content in a short timeframe
  • Don’t overly photoshop your images
  • If the subreddit is about fat asses … you should have a fat ass and so on.


Here are some things to look for when reading subreddit rules: 

  • If sellers are allowed 
  • The requirements to getting verified
  • If watermarks are allowed
  • How much karma you need to post
  • What tags you need to include in your post titles (gender & file type are common) 


Some rules are complicated.

 If something is not clear in the rules, or if you don’t understand how to get verified…

Message the mods and ask them.


HOW to sell on Reddit – the psychology.

So here’s the thing…

Your VIBE on Reddit can’t be “hard selling”.

 You can’t be pushy…  

 Spamming your link everywhere and putting text on your pics “sub to my OF”…

This will not work…  

 Instead, you need to go for a show play…  

You have to tease them in and make it feel NATURAL for your subs to find you.

 They have to become intrigued by you and your TEASING content.

 THEN –  they should sub to your OnlyFans to see MORE…

 To see your BEST or most EXCLUSIVE content.

If you set up your Reddit profile as described in part 1then this is how you get new subs from THEIR perspective:   

 See post → Click profile → See pinned  post → See OnlyFans → subscribe to your OnlyFans

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