how to promote onlyfans without social media

If you want to learn how to promote OnlyFans without social media – you’re in the right place. 

If you’re happy to use social media platforms read how to promote onlyfans.

The key to promoting OnlyFans without social media is to leverage the OnlyFans platform itself.

Think about it…

OnlyFans has millions and millions of users who are willing to pay for premium content… after all, they ARE on OnlyFans already. 

All you have to do is get your profile in front of their eyes and you’ve got a chance that they subscribe to you.

The more eyes you get to your profile the more subscribers you can get.

There are two main ways you can get their eyes on YOUR OnlyFans profile.

  1. Following new users on OnlyFans so that they check out your profile (protip: there is software that can do this automatically for you… keep reading!)
  2. OnlyFans shoutouts


how to promote onlyfans without social media

Let’s look at the 2 ways to leverage the OnlyFans platform to promote your OnlyFans without social media.


OnlyFans Shoutouts

A S4S (Shoutout For Shoutout) means you and another OnlyFans model post each other’s pictures and OnlyFans link on your own page – so that both your subscribers see each other.

This way you can both get exposure – without posting on social media.


Find other models for both S4S and paid shoutouts. Here are some to find models:

  • Find S4S groups on Reddit, Telegram, Twitter and so on.
  • Use this subreddit to find other models in your niche who want to do S4S.
  • Here is a Telegram group where you can participate in S4S with other models.
  • You can also reach out to free OnlyFans accounts and request a S4S or a paid shoutout.

If you want to avoid groups and reaching out on social media platforms -you can instead find popular and free OnlyFans pages in your niche. 

You can reach out to these pages and ask if they do Shoutout For Shoutout (S4S) or if they offer a paid shoutout service. 

Why free pages? You can message free accounts once you’ve subscribed to them, which is free to do. 

A good option if you have the money is PAID shoutouts from pages that have huge amounts of followers and thus enable you to grow your page FAST.

This is also the best option for complete beginners as S4S services and models usually want you to have a decent number of followers first, understandably. 

You’re should only pay for a shoutout if the page has 2,000+ followers.

If you don’t have any money to promote your page the next best option is to request S4S from accounts with 1-5,000 followers.

Using Social media – but more privately

Have you considered – why is it that you don’t want to promote OnlyFans on social media?

99% of the time it’s because models want to remain anonymous – especially to their friends and family.

However, I know from experience that if you create a new online identity for OnlyFans – the chances of anyone from your real-life finding your content online is about the same as if you only promote on OnlyFans (with Shoutouts) and don’t promote on social media at all.

It’s also completely possible to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face.

Your new online identity would have completely new private social media accounts…separate from your personal life.

how to promote onlyfans without social media

There is a tradeoff between your personal privacy and the potential audience you can reach. A lower reach makes it harder to be a success on OnlyFans.

(It’s our view that if you want to be an OnlyFans success then at some point, someone from your real life will find your content – and we think you should confront that upfront, before starting your OnlyFans career. One option is to promote on social media but never show your face on there or on OnlyFans – again this makes it harder to succeed but you stay 99.9% anonymous by not showing your face. )

Making new private social media accounts

If you use social media, you still want to keep that business away from your “real-life” social media.

This is why you should create a ‘stage name’, a new email address, and new (private) social media accounts on all the popular platforms:

It’s best to have the same username (your “stage name”) on all platforms if possible.

Each platform has different requirements for their username and certain usernames are already taken.

Use to check the availability of a username on multiple platforms at the same time (except Snapchat & Reddit, you gotta check those yourself).

*** To keep a new email account (and any new phone number) separate from your private life – DO NOT sync your phone or email contacts when prompted to do so ***

Some other tips you should consider when creating your new online persona:

  • Don’t use your real name
  • Use a brand new email address
  • Block your close friends and family

For more tips and details on creating a new online identity check out our comprehensive guide – “Creating Your New OnlyFans Online Identity”.



Another great way to increase your privacy is to use the ‘Geoblocking’ feature of OnlyFans.

With this feature, you can block entire countries from being able to access your OnlyFans account.

If you’re from the United States… you may want to avoid this feature as the USA is the biggest market in the world for OnlyFans subs.

But if you’re from… say… New Zealand!

Then it might be wise to block all of New Zealand from your OnlyFans – that means your friends, family, and anyone from New Zealand can’t access your OnlyFans page, even if they find it.

To use Geoblocking:

  • Go to the settings 
  • Security 
  • IP and Geoblocking 

Now just choose the countries you want to block and hit save.

Is Geoblocking 100% effective?

Now, it’s true that a sneaky person could use a VPN to get around the geoblock – but they’d have to be pretty determined to access your page.

We hope this guide helped you to understand how to promote OnlyFans without social media.




Frequently Asked Questions

1) You can use anonymous faceless social media (Twitter, Reddit, Instagram) accounts to promote your OnlyFans page

2) You can use Shoutouts on OnlyFans.

A S4S (Shoutout For Shoutout) means you and another OnlyFans model post each other’s pictures and OnlyFans link on your own page – so that both your subscribers see each other.

Only OnlyFans users will see there shoutouts so it’s relatively secret.

3) You can keep your OnlyFans content faceless. This way your identity cannot be discovered.

Yes, there are multiple ways to remain anonymous on OnlyFans. The most full-proof way is to be a faceless OnlyFans creator. However, this does make it more difficult to attract new subscribers. You can compromise by keeping your social media faceless and only showing your face on paid OnlyFans content. This way a lot fewer people will have a chance to discover your identity. 

You can start an OnlyFans with no followers. It just means that your first few weeks and months will be slower than someone starting with followers. If you post consistently you can quickly become successful as an OnlyFans creator even starting with no followers.

How much you make on OnlyFans depends on how much money you make from subscriptions and also how much you earn from Pay Per View content. If you were starting with say 5,000 followers on social media converting 3% of them to paying subscribers would be a good conversion rate. At a fairly cheap $4.99 subscription price this would net $750/month in subscriptions. However, smart creators earn only 20% or less of their total via subscriptions. The real money is in PPV content. So this creator could expect to earn around $3750 with subscriptions and PPV content.

YES, you can make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. It’s probably going to be harder than if you did show your face. However, certain niches do well without showing their face: Fit girls, Gym Bunnies, Big or small ass/bust/other private areas, Muslim/Arab. We have seen MANY models in these niches do consistently well at making money on OnlyFans without showing their faces.

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