The Best Onlyfans Bio Ideas & 5 Great Bio Examples

Looking for OnlyFans bio ideas? Then you’re in the right place!

We’ll go over some OnlyFans bio ideas, the important elements that make a good OnlyFans bio, the goals of your bio, and break down some examples to give you an idea of what works.

What is an OnlyFans Bio?

An OnlyFans bio or About section is a short text description that appears just below your name in your onlyfans profile.

Example of an OnlyFans bio

Example of an OnlyFans bio

In your OnlyFans account bio, you have 160 characters to add a description of your OnlyFans page to help your potential subscriber understand what your page and content is all about, and entice them to subscribe.

Goals for your OnlyFans bio

  1. Help potential subscribers understand what your onlyfans account and content are all about
  2. Entice readers to subscribe
  3. Help OnlyFans search engines find your profile

Why is your OnlyFans bio important?

Your OnlyFans bio influences whether or not someone subscribes to your onlyfans account so it’s really important to put your best foot forward. 

Your potential subscribers can only see:

  1. Your profile picture
  2. Your cover photo
  3. Your bio section

With these 3 elements you need to :

  1. Catch their attention
  2. Explain what it is that you offer
  3. Entice people to subscribe 

For more information on your profile and header pic read how to get started on OnlyFans, and grab our free book on OnlyFans sales funnels.

OnlyFans search engines

Since OnlyFans does not have a proper search function many potential subs use other ways to find your profile like Google searches and OnlyFans search engine sites.

These search engines all use keywords found in your bio text (as well as your username and display name) to help people search for onlyfans accounts.

For example, if you’re in the Asian & thic niches, and have “asian” and “thick” in your bio – this will help people find you when they search for “asian” related content on OnlyFans search engines and maybe even Google too.

Check it out:

See how it works?

It’s worth noting that these search sites are getting more and more popular.

Tens of thousands of people per week are searching these sites looking to find the kind of creator they like.

These search sites use your bio text to categorize you so when people search for niches or kinks the website can return a list of relevant onlyfans content creators – it’s kind of like Google… for OnlyFans!

And just like Google, you can pay a fee to put yourself right at the top of the search results too.

Check it out:

Amy got herself right to the top of the search results by purchasing an ad on Fansmetrics.

Fansmetrics is the #1 OnlyFans search site with high mostly quality fans from North America and Europe.

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How to write a good OnlyFans bio

There are other 3 main points to consider when writing a good bio.

1) Keep it short and to the point

We live in the TikTok era of short attention spans.

So try to make your bio section direct to the point – a couple of sentences long.

If people find it boring and long, they will just browse away.

2) Be clear about your offer

Be clear about what it is that subscribers will get from your page. 

This will help to improve your rebill rates by managing expectations.

For example, if you don’t post any explicit or nude content at all, then you want to be clear about this in your bio.

You don’t have to be “negative” about it just say you post lewd content.

Otherwise, people will just subscribe for one month, be disappointed, ask you annoying questions in DMs and then they’ll turn off rebill never to return.

3) Include keywords related to your niche

To improve your discoverability on OnlyFans search engines include some keywords related to your niche.

If you’re a thick Asian try to include the words “asian” and “thick” in your bio.

5 Amazing OnlyFans bio Ideas

Let’s go over 5 different OnlyFans bio ideas.

1. List your services & content schedule

Try to be as specific as possible about how often you post content.

“I post new pics & vids uploaded every week” = good.

“I post pics and clips uploaded 5-7x a Week” = better.

  • Do you sext?
  • Will they be chatting with you?
  • Do you post daily?
  • Do you offer customs?
  • Do you send mass messages and ppv?
  • Or is everything included in feed?

If you’ve got content or tip menu then consider including them in your bio or make them a pinned post instead.

Basically, you want to advertise your page so whoever reads your bio knows what they can expect and what they are getting for the price. 

If your bio is short you’ll probably get a lot of messages asking you what my page offers – subs want to know what they’re getting into and what your niche is.

2. Make it personal

Try to write something “more personal” (even if it’s a fake identity you’re playing if it ties into your niche and story – great!) compared to just a list of services/content you offer that reads like the menu of a restaurant. 

Approaching your potential subscriber’s in a more personal way will increase your rebill rate and make you stand out from the hundreds of other models who you’re competing with for attention.

It’s our experience that a lot of subs want somebody to talk to and you can make even more money in the DM’s and with PPV content than from subscriptions alone.

Protip: If you respond to DMs put that in your bio, it’s important to a lot of potential subs (don’t worry about having to reply fast or anything like that though).

Most subs come to OF because they want that feeling of connecting with a real person/getting off to a real person rather than a model in a video on a random porn site. Subs can get tits, ass, sex anywhere, so simply listing “ppv, blowjob, b/g” or simply your body type is boring. What they can’t get anywhere is YOU.

3. Using different fonts in your OnlyFans profile bio

𝒴𝑜𝓊 𝒸𝒶𝓃 𝓊𝓈𝑒 𝒻𝑜𝓃𝓉𝓈 𝓁𝒾𝓀𝑒 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈, 𝖔𝖗 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘.

Using different fonts than the standard web font in your OnlyFans bio can help your bio stand out. 

An eye-catching font can make your profile “pop” and grab their attention for that 1 or 2 seconds that you need to get them to keep them reading more.

Use the website below to type in your bio, and copy and paste the font that you like.

4. Emojis

Emojis are a good way to brighten up a bio and break up a wall of text.

Nobody likes a wall of text onlyfans profile.

But don’t go overboard on the emojis either as that can make your bio look spammy.

Using emojis that relate to your niche and brand is always a good idea.

For example, the 🥺 face works well if you’re in the cute/kawaii/submissive niche.

5. Cheeky one-liners/taglines

A cheeky joke/one-liner or tagline at the top of your bio can make your bio more personal, fun, and playful.

Some one-liner OnlyFans bio ideas:

  • I’m like a mosquito, except I don’t stop sucking when you slap me
  • I’ve got the buns, do you have the sausage?
  • What is better than a rose on a piano? Tulips on an organ 
  • your ho-liness is back
  • You can definitely call me a good girl. But, I can also be bad, if you want to. 
  • I’m a good sucker. Especially the life part.
  • Thinking of a bad girl? Well, I’m bad at almost everything, as I know.
  • I’m the Christmas present you’ve always wanted since you were a teen.
  • Feelings are hard to catch, so try catching pokemon.
  • I’m the girl that definitely makes your mom feel proud and your ex feels jealous.
  • Just here to make my boyfriend feel jealous
  • I want to be a reason to stop a guy from screwing his life.
  • Angel in the day, Witch in the night.
  • My doctor told me I have a Vitamin D deficiency. Wanna save me
  • Dear crush, hi.
  • I’m a courtside killer queen and you will kiss the ring
  • Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters
  • A badass with a good ass
  • I’m not a queen, I’m a goddess.
  • They say all good boys love Jesus but I know you’re looking for a little more.
  • A perfect girl can be found if you have good eyes.
  • Beauty is my power and a smile is my attack.
  • I know you’ll love falling in love with me.
  • I’m not short, I’m concentrated awesome!
fansmetrics promo

Always be testing

In marketing, there is the phrase “always be testing”.

It’s actually one of our 14 key principles to being successful on OnlyFans.

It means that you should always be experimenting with what works and does not work.

Don’t be afraid to switch up your bio, try out different fonts, jokes, and cheeky one-liners to see what “converts” better (results in more subscriptions).

Good OnlyFans bio examples:

Let’s look at 5 OnlyFans bio examples and see whether they stick to our principles of good OnlyFans bios.

OnlyFans bio example 1

a good onlyfans bio

✅Very short and to the point

✅ Sets expectations about what content to expect

✅Sets expectations on how often to expect content

✅Playful and enticing (“WELCUM MESSAGE”)

✅Liberal use of emojis

✅Has a personal touch – lets you know that you can get DM responses

OnlyFans bio example 2 

a good onlyfans bio

✅ Reasonably short and to the point

✅ Sets expectations about what content to expect

✅ Sets expectations how often to expect content

✅ Playful and enticing (“CUM chat with me”)

✅ Liberal use of emojis

✅ Has a personal touch – “chat with me”, “im always online”

OnlyFans bio example 3

a good onlyfans bio

✅ Very short and to the point

✅ Sets expectations about what content to expect (points to pinned post)

✅ Sets expectations how often to expect content (points to pinned post)

✅ Playful and enticing (“your ho-liness is back”)

OnlyFans bio example 4

a good onlyfans bio

✅ Short and to the point

✅ Sets expectations about what content to expect

✅ Playful and enticing (see taglines at top)

✅ Liberal use of emojis

✅ Has a personal touch – lets you know about her personal life/project


OnlyFans bio example 5

onlyfans bio example 5

This bio is very well optimized for OnlyFans (and Google) search engines.

Notice the words “petite” and “asian” appear both in the first line of her bio and in her display name.

This causes her profile to appear as the first result on Google when people search for “petite asian onlyfans”.

onlyfans bio google search result

Somewhere between 1 and 10 thousand people search for “petite asian onlyfans” every month.

google search volume

This is free, highly targeted traffic very likely to convert into paying subscribers.

How to generate infinite onlyfans bio ideas

If you’re struggling to put all of the information together and drawing a creative blank… don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Like in so many other aspects of OnlyFans – it’s always a good idea to check out successful content creators in your niche for inspiration.

And you can do exactly that to get good bio ideas – just check out other creators. Even better if they’re in your niche.

And as always try not to straight-up copy another creator, it’s rude, tasteless, and harms the community as a whole.

So where can you search for onlyfans content creators in your niche to get bio ideas?

Ah! Just like we mentioned at the start – onlyfans search sites!

We recommend fansmetrics but you can also use other onlyfans search sites like onlyfinder and onlysearch too.

Just type keywords or search for your niche(s) in the search box, and start clicking into some profiles and reading bios.

Next steps?

Once you’ve got your bio & profile sorted you should learn how to promote onlyfans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your OnlyFans bio should contain your offer. It should be clear exactly what subscribers get when they subscribe to your page. What kind of content – nude, lewd, solo, boy/girl? How often will you post pictures and videos? The more detailed the better about exactly what subscribers can expect. Your bio should also be short and to the point.

For adult creators: Content. Lots and lots of content. We recommend posting a mix of PPV and “free” content on a paid OnlyFans page. On a free OnlyFans page we recommend posting only teaser content for free with all explicit content being behind a paywall. Polls and stories are also good for keeping your audience engaged and getting feedback.

The key to getting more OnlyFans followers is getting more traffic to your page. Traffic = Eyeballs and Eyeballs = Profits. To get more traffic to your page you should 1) promote on multiple social media sites consistently. And 2) Engage in shoutouts both on social media and on OnlyFans.

The average earnings from OnlyFans is $180/month.

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