OnlyFans content guide – Exactly What to Post on OnlyFans & 44 Amazing OnlyFans Content Ideas

Welcome to the Ultimate OnlyFans Content Guide.

Your content is one of the key pillars of success on OnlyFans.

If you’re looking for:

  • What to post on OnlyFans
  • OnlyFans content ideas
  • What the OnlyFans rules are

Then you’re in the right place.

We’ll go over the different types of content you can post on OnlyFans, the OnlyFans rules, and what to post on OnlyFans.

We’ll cover 44 different OnlyFans content ideas, various examples, and sources for OnlyFans content ideas and inspiration.

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Types of OnlyFans Content

At, we’re focused on adult content creators, whether that’s solo, boy & girl (B/G), or anything else.

So this guide is going to focus on adult content.

Non-adult: What to post on OnlyFans

Although it’s used mainly for adult content, OnlyFans is not just for adult content. Here are some example content ideas you can post outside of adult content:

  • Photography
  • Cooking/recipes
  • Fitness/workouts
  • Musical instrument lessons
  • Art
  • Makeup tutorials

Adult content: What to post on OnlyFans

There are three main types of adult content you can post on OnlyFans:

  • Photos & photo-sets
  • Videos
  • Voice Notes 

In terms of what kind of content is allowed to be posted on onlyfans that depends on if your page is free or not.

(Do you have to show your face when posting adult content? No, you don’t. Read about how to succeed on OnlyFans without showing your face.)

The OnlyFans Rules

What to Post On OnlyFans

All full-frontal nudity content on OnlyFans has to be behind a paywall. 

On a paid subscription page (a page where you charge people money to subscribe) you can post adult & explicit content anywhere on the timeline, in locked posts locked DMs, normal DMs, etc…

Because all that content is behind a paywall.

On a free page (an OnlyFans page which is free to subscribe to) you can only post partially nude content on the timeline because non-Pay Per View (PPV) timeline content on a free page is FREE (it’s NOT behind a paywall).

However, for PPV (Pay Per View) posts on the timeline of your free page or PPV posts in the DMs, you can have fully nude & explicit content.

So when it comes to what to post on OnlyFans we recommend keeping the free content on your free OnlyFans similar to how your Instagram content should be – promo/teaser content and NO full-frontal nudity. 

What kind of content should you post on onlyfans?

What to Post On OnlyFans

When creating content you should consider what kind of content you’re shooting and where you’re gonna post it – social media? free onlyfans? PPV? paid page?

Make a distinction between:

  • Promo content (which is given away for free for promo purposes)
  • Premium content (which is paid for via OF subscriptions and/or PPV)

We recommend structuring a sales funnel like this:

Social Media -> Free OnlyFans -> Paid OnlyFans -> Custom content 



Promo content should be pretty tame and something that you could post to Instagram without getting banned.

Think sexy content, teasing content, partial nudity, but no full-frontal nudity.

Premium content should be more exclusive, and potentially more explicit (depending on your personal boundaries).


Shooting Content

Planning your content shoots is going to make your content so much better.

Here are some things to do before shooting:

  • Choose your shooting location.
  • Clean your shooting location – no one wants to see a messy room.
  • If shooting with a mirror – clean it.
  • Declutter your room or shooting location. Unless you want that prop in the background it will just distract from YOU.
  • Alternatively consider just blurring the background after the fact (use Facetune 2 or other similar apps)
  • Make sure there are no identifiable things in the background – there are many creeps out there… so don’t doxx yourself…
  • Always consider your lighting. Search around for good natural indoor lighting or use a ring light and/or other lighting equipment.
  • Have your hair/makeup/clothes & skin prepped to shoot. 

Have Fun

What to post on OnlyFans - Have Fun!

Unless your niche is being an angry dom… your audience will almost always want to see you having fun, smiling & enjoying yourself.

So get in a good mood and have fun when shooting content!

Make it personal & intimate

What to post on OnlyFans - Personal Content!

Sometimes your audience just wants to feel like they are getting an authentic glimpse of your everyday life. 

So your content does not always need to be so professional and thought out all the time…

A casual iPhone mirror snap of your butt can often be your most liked picture of the week…and get more likes than the content you hired a professional photographer for…

Use poses and angles that showcase your personality and niche

What to post on OnlyFans - Niche Related Content!

If you are in the kawaii/cute niche for example there are certain angles where you’re going to look cuter and more innocent –  for example, from above rather than from below.

If you’re in dom or findom niche then angles from below are going to make you appear more dominant. 


44 OnlyFans Content ideas

We’re going to go over 44 specific OnlyFans content ideas broken down into a few different categories.

Holiday related content (OnlyFans Content Ideas 1-7)

OnlyFans Content Ideas - Holiday Related Content

Don’t let the holidays go to waste.

Use holidays as a theme for your content – they can influence your costume, choice of props or they might just influence the caption of your selfie.

💡1 Halloween (e.g. costume/outfit)

💡2  Valentines Day (e.g.  seflie + good caption)

💡3  Christmas (e.g.  costume/outfit)

💡4  4th July (e.g.  seflie + good caption)

💡5  Star Wars Day  (e.g. costume/outfit )

💡6  Pride Month (costume or captioned selfie)

💡7  Fathers day (there’s a pun in this one…we’re sure of it!)

Locations (OnlyFans Content Ideas 8-12)

OnlyFans Content Ideas - Locations

Changing the location where you shoot your content is a great way to add variety and keep your subs interested.

At home

Even at home, you have access to a number of different rooms and locations. 

💡 Bedroom scene

💡 Shower scene

💡 10 Bathroom scene

💡 11 Balcony scene

💡 12 Garden scene

💡 12 Window scene

Weekend Trips (OnlyFans Content Ideas 13-14)

Booking a weekend trip away to a luxury hotel, or a cheap Airbnb is a great way to add location variety to your content.

💡 13 Luxury Hotel/Resort

💡 14 Cheap Airbnb 

Props (OnlyFans Content Ideas 15-19)

Props are a great way to add variety to your OnlyFans content. 

💡 15 LEDs

💡 16 Exotic dildos

💡 17 A Pole (for pole dancing)

💡 18 Pillows

💡 19 Giant teddy bear

Lingerie & Costumes (OnlyFans Content Ideas 20-29)

Sexy lingerie and outfits will add spice and variety to your OnlyFans content. 

💡20 Sexy Costumes

💡21 Sexy lingerie 

💡22 Wigs

💡23 Nipple Clamps

💡24 Body jewelry

💡25 Body Paint

💡26 Body oil / Coconut oil

💡27 Makeup / experimental makeup 

💡28 Cosplay outfits

💡29 Halloween outfits

If you need more inspiration and ideas for costumes and lingerie then try searching Pinterest

Best websites for buying lingerie & costumes:

How about free lingerie & costumes?

Create an OnlyFans fundraiser post and say donators will get pics of you modeling the lingerie you’re fundraising for. 

How to use the fundraiser feature ⬇️

Trends & Memes (Ideas 30-32)

trending memes can give you content ideas

Watch out for social media trends and memes.

Often, you can leverage a meme to produce some content that’s trendy right now.

For example, consider the:

💡30 POV roleplay meme (LINK)

The POV Roleplay meme gives the viewer an unusual perspective of a certain object/person during a specific interaction involving that object/person.

Originating from TikTok (hashtag #POV on TikTok), the meme usually includes a caption like “POV: You’re [object/person in a situation]” and a funny video or pic.

In the image above, Mima is using this meme to make content.

You can see this Twitter post got LOADS of interactions.

Can you think of more ideas about how you could use the POV roleplay meme or other memes?

💡31 Tiktok challenges

Tiktok challenges

Check out trending Tiktok challenges that you can use for your own content on Tiktok or other platforms.

You can find a list of trending challenges HERE

💡32 Clothes on/off vids or pics

This is a big online trend where you post either a side-by-side picture or a video where you suddenly go from outfit on, to outfit off.

There’s even a (NSFW) subreddit dedicated to this, you can find it HERE.

Nude/semi-nude everyday activities (Ideas 33-36)

onlyfans content idea: nude/semi-nude every-day activities

Often subs just want to get a genuine look into your everyday life.

This makes them feel more connected to you and makes the experience more personal.  

Make content that is more “every day” and “natural” if your subs are like this.

Think about everyday things you do and then spice them up just a little bit by doing those activities semi, or fully nude. 

💡33 Cooking 

💡34 Baking 

💡35 Artwork 

💡36 Playing video games

More OnlyFans content ideas (Ideas 37-46)

💡37 Kama Sutra positions

💡38 Yoga poses with a dildo

💡39 Toy reviews 

💡40 POV scenes (both male and female POV) 

💡41 Snapchat Filters

💡42 Temporary tattoos

💡43 Bodypaint

💡44 Masks (e.g. bunny)

💡45 Nerdy look: Glasses + reading a book

💡46 Naked Questions Mondays – Ask your subs to send you questions throughout the week and then pick a few to answer in a naked video on Mondays

TIP: Did you know you can add filters to videos and pictures after you’ve taken them?

Use apps like:

Content inspiration

Use these sources to get inspiration for OnlyFans content ideas:

Equipment ($40 OnlyFans Starter Kit)

Some basic and cheap equipment can really help you with OnlyFans content ideas and bring your content to the next level allowing you to leverage lighting, angles, and remote control shots.

A good starter kit is an iPhone (or similar), ring-light, and a tripod with remote control.

Tripod with remote control

You can get an affordable Tripod with Bluetooth remote control on amazon for $20.

Ring light

Good lighting is literally the difference between amateur-looking shots & quality ones.

A ring light is the best place to start if you don’t already have one.

If you want to get fancier with your equipment and lighting then check out our Ultimate OnlyFans Equipment Guide.


Learn what angles flatter you and accentuate your best features.

Everyone’s body is different so you need to experiment.

Use your phone’s video selfie mode (and tripod too) and just video yourself moving around.

This is a great way to discover your best angles.

And take videos of yourself doing a bunch of different poses too.

You can get so much OnlyFans and promo content, good photos & little teaser videos, and gifs just from screenshotting and editing this type of video.

Also, check out successful posts of other models with your body type.

If you see a pose another creator does then take their pose and add your own little twist of creativity/personality. 


Here are some poses to consider for what to post on OnlyFans:

The lying-down selfie:

The lying-down selfie
A classic angle for intimate/personal shots.

The S Pose:

The S Pose

This classic female pose is slimming, yet it helps to define your body’s curves.

The Butt Selfie:
butt selfie

There is an art to a good butt selfie.

How to take a good butt selfie ⬇️


You can actually add OnlyFans content ideas to your work just by editing. There are so many cool free apps these days to play around with. Some of the best apps:


Organizing your content

Creating a structure and organizing your content WILL save you a lot of future headaches. 

Sometime in the future, you’ll be thinking about what to post to OnlyFans…and having your content organized, and a record of what you’ve already posted and where will make this process so much easier and faster.

You’ll know where to find your promo content. Where to find your premium content. You’ll know that you’ve already posted that video to Reddit six times…

Trust us, we manage content for a lot of clients – organizing your content is important.

A laptop or desktop computer is best for organizing content.

If you don’t have a laptop or desktop then you should at least create albums in your gallery/camera app.

If you don’t have a laptop or desktop then check out this article for more tips & tricks for organizing content on your iPhone.

Organizing your content with a folder structure

First, create a dedicated  ‘OnlyFans content’ folder.  

You should first organize your content related to what TYPE of content it is.

Is it promo content? Paid subscription content? Content for PPV?

After that, you should create additional sub-folders to further organize your files and  use descriptive names when naming your subfolders… think names like:  

“solo”, “toy_reviews”, “shower_shots”,  and so on.


So a video where you reviewed a specific toy could be located like this: 

‘OnlyFans Content > premium > toy_reviews > 2020 > toy name‘    That’s = OnlyFans Content > Content PURPOSE > Content CATEGORY > descriptive filename

This may seem like a lot of work… but it’s pretty fast if you do it on a computer instead of your phone…

Keeping track of where you’ve posted content 

You can use Google Sheets to keep track of where you’ve posted a piece of content to.

Google Sheets is free and easy to use for organizing anything,

If you don’t wanna use Google Sheets you can simply rename files to indicate where you’ve already posted them.

Example: You have a movie file called:


After you post it to Reddit – rename it:


If you then post the same file to Twitter – rename it:


You can use abbreviations instead of the whole social media platform name e.g:


r = Reddit
t= Twitter

Tips for avoiding burnout

Dedicate one day a week, fortnight, or month to spend the day making LOTS of content.

Multiple lingerie sets, toys, and hairstyles (so that your subs can’t tell it’s all from the same time)

Even if you only make photo sets, film them.

Just hold your pose for a couple of seconds then go back through the video afterward and screenshot it – you can also create gifs from the video easily from this.

Consider queuing all your content the day you make it.

Any time you’re feeling yourself take a cheeky lewd/nude.

Keep these as a content bank of more low-effort filler posts for the times when you’re low on content.

Upload these to OnlyFans but hit “save for later”.

If you’re out of content AND energy then maybe post some NSFW memes you come across on social media on your OF story.

It only takes a few seconds and it shows your subs you’re thinking of them even if you’ve not posted that day.

Even posting something as simple as a sneaky pic of your legs and your TV screen like “would you watch insert tv show here with me, y/n? 🥰😍” to your story, is better than no posts all day.

Next steps? Once you know how to make onlyfans content then read about where to promote your onlyfans content.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you have to be comfortable with the type of content you’re making. If you’re genuinely into it – that makes things easier. Lighting can make a huge difference, a simple and cheap ring light goes a long way. Practice makes perfect so play with angles, setups, props, and everything until you find your groove.

It really depends on your niche but dick ratings & JOI are popular for pretty much every niche. Sexy memes are very popular right now too – think TikTok challenges turned X-Rated. Medium to long videos sells best.

Although it’s not just for adult content that is what OnlyFans is mostly used for. Most adult creators post NSFW videos and photos which are protected by a paywall for paying subscribers.

For adult content: Picture sets & videos. 

OnlyFans is not only for adult content but it is used mainly for that and that is what focuses on. Pictures, picture sets, videos, and voice notes are the main types of content you can post. You can post explicit content, lewd content, or faceless content. It depends on you but every type of content can succeed.

It depends on how much money you make from subscriptions and also how much you earn from Pay Per View content. If you were starting with say 5,000 followers on social media converting 3% of them to paying subscribers would be a good conversion rate. At a fairly cheap $4.99 subscription price this would net $750/month in subscriptions. However, smart creators earn only 20% or less of their total via subscriptions. The real money is in PPV content. So this creator could expect to earn around $3750 with subscriptions and PPV content.

YES, you can make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. It’s probably going to be harder than if you did show your face. However, certain niches do well without showing their face: Fit girls, Gym Bunnies, Big or small ass/bust/other private areas, Muslim/Arab. We have seen MANY models in these niches do consistently well at making money on OnlyFans without showing their faces.

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