Create Your OnlyFans Online Identity


Your Online Identity

We recommend that you create an ‘online identity’. 

This is to keep a separation between ‘real-life’ and ‘OnlyFans business’.

This is business after all, and you should treat it as such.

But first…


Email account

A new, fresh email account will help to establish this separation as well as help with being organized in general.

To get a new dedicated email account – just use Gmail (don’t include your personal name, etc in the email address…)

Phone Number

You can link this new email account with a new phone number you can also get for free from Google Voice

Using a new phone number (just for OnlyFans) keeps this new email account entirely separate from your personal life.

If you link your personal phone number… well, now you have a link between your ‘OnlyFans business’ and personal life… and you don’t want that if you want to keep the two separate!

Google Suite

We recommend the Google Suite of products to help organize your online identity & content.

Gmail, Google Drive & Google Sheets are all really useful and free tools for managing your online identity and content.

(For a bit more convenience you can use the Google Business Suite for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee per month, they also give you a new free phone number.)

(Also remember that you can count Google Business Suite as a tax-deductible business cost!)

***To keep this email account & phone number separate from your private life – don’t sync your phone or email contacts if prompted to do so ***


Online Name 

The next step in creating your online identity is choosing a username that’s short & memorable that you can use across ALL of the social media platforms you use to promote your OnlyFans page.

Why keep the username short? Because you want to use the same name across all social media (it’s your BRAND) and some platforms like Snapchat limit your username to 15 characters.

You want to have the same username across:

  • Insta
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • Telegram
  • Tiktok

And any other social media you use for promoting OnlyFans. But these are the main ones. 

Creative block picking a username? Try these free tools & lists for generating names & inspiration!

Username Requirments

Your first-choice username might not be available on all platforms.

To solve this simply try adding an underscore(_) or hyphen(-) somewhere in the username.

Each platform has different requirements for their username so you can use to check the availability of a username on multiple platforms at once (except Snapchat & Reddit, you gotta check those manually)

Besides the availability of the username and the requirements of each platform, you should think about…

Branding your username

Remember that the reason for creating the same username across all these platforms is because your username is part of your branding.

If you can make your username related to your niche, brand, and personality – great!

(For help understanding what a niche is, and how to choose one, grab our free ebook.

For example ‘lilykawaii’ is a very successful OnlyFans model and her username includes the word “kawaii” – which is her niche, her niche is Kawaii/Cute/Girl-next-door kinda vibe.

If your niche is BBW maybe your username could be “bbwprincess” and so on.


Use GoogleMail and Google Voice to keep your OnlyFans life separate from your private life.

And pick a good username related to your brand and use it across all platforms you use to promote your OnlyFans.

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Next Steps

Once you’ve got your new online identity sorted its probably time to think about
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